February 2014. Dimitri, midway into his PhD project in astrophysics, gave Caroline, a French backpacker who’d just quit her hectic parisian life made of shopping and red wine, a surf lesson at Manly Beach, Sydney.

Rewildin started… not in a garage, but in a van.

A few days later, we moved in together. In a van… We lived in it while we were working in the City in Sydney. Every weekend we would just slam the van’s doors and drive off to disconnect and re-connect with nature and with ourselves. During our van trips, we found it difficult to find places off the beaten track and campsites that were not overcrowded, or even booked out. We discovered permaculture. We were craving for new skills to learn and we couldn’t find any website combining accommodations and workshops so we decided to create our own. After pondering for a year, we gave up our 9-5 jobs for our dream project, Rewildin.

Our vision is to inspire people to reconnect with nature and with themselves.

The Team



Caroline Boulom, Co-Founder, CEO
Plant-based cooking addict, permaculture fan, ex-Yahoo digital marketer, dog lover and banana hater. Fueled by dark chocolate & Jack Johnson’s music.
Find her on Instagram @panygrams




Dimitri Douchin, Co-Founder, CTO and Creative Director
PhD in Astrophysics, artist, life coach, keen photographer, primitivism enthusiast, martial art aficionado and permaculture advocate. Fueled by dark chocolate and the last Glitch hop beat.
Find him on dimitridouchin.com




Our Mission

Make it easy to find hidden gems where people can immerse themselves in the Australian wilderness in just a few clicks.
Inspire people who are overwhelmed with the noise of the city to look inwards and reconnect with themselves and with nature
Provide a fun and easy access to Earth skills workshops in one place so people can try new experiences and learn new awesome skills
Help landowners get the most of their property by hosting guests while making additional income and preserving their land.
Gather like-minded people so they can swap stories, share skills and support each other to build resilient communities contributing to a more sustainable world.