• The Man Who Planted A Forest.

    In New Zealand’s Banks Peninsula, a man named Hugh Wilson looked upon a plot of degraded farmland and saw potential where others saw despair. This land, exhausted by poor farming practices and erosion, was to become Hugh’s life work. Hugh, a botanist by training, was tasked with transforming the 1,500 hectares of barren land into…

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  • Best Trellis Designs for Vertical Zucchini and Other Veg?

    Are you looking to grow zucchini in a vertical garden? If so, finding the right trellis design is essential. The right trellis not only provides support for your plants but also enhances their growth and productivity (yield). It’s crucial you consider the varied options available to you. But with so many options available, which one…

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  • Brendon Grimshaw & His $50million Dollar Island

    This is the remarkable story of the man who bought an Island for $10,000 dollars and instead of searching for fame and fortune gave it back to the world after his death in 2012. Brendon Grimshaw’s life is nothing short of extraordinary. He is a man who didn’t just say it, he lived it. I…

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