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Education without college

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Education is often considered a trademark of knowledge as seen throughout history.
Education without college

Education is often considered a trademark of knowledge as seen throughout history. What most do not know is that getting an education without college is possible, although there may be some difficulty in actually obtaining a job without a degree.

An autodidact is someone who is self-taught in almost every aspect. The most successful people as of today have either not been to college or never completed their degree. What makes this more impressive is that they either own most of what you see today or they are especially famous, or perhaps, infamous. This does not take away from their self-learning or success without attending college or university.

Leonardo Da Vinci, the Renaissance Painter,

Steve Jobs is a prime example that you can be educated without going to college. While he did attend college for some time, he dropped out in the same year he joined. Steve built the company Apple from the ground up. Jobs became an excellent investor in stockings and is the founder of one the three most successful technology companies ever to exist. Steve had learned alone everything that was required to start a business and successfully achieved that.

Leonardo Da Vinci, the Renaissance Painter, is another display of a successful person who is self-taught. Although Da Vinci, most famously known for painting, was an excellent idealist. In his notebook, there had been many writings and plans for different types of inventions, though they never made it anywhere beyond this. Leonardo had never received any form of formal education, making this feat of being an autodidact that much greater.

Bill Gates is the second wealthiest

A fairly unconventional example of a person who obtained an education without going to college is Adolf Hitler. Hitler had formal education until reaching the age of 18, where he did not even begin to attend college. Adolf took an interest in painting, but the college in Vienna for artistry rejected him. Hitler, nonetheless, took it upon himself to learn about politics, which eventually took a turn for the worst.

Bill Gates is the second wealthiest man on earth after Jeff Bozos, all while receiving an education without college. While Gates did attend college, it was only for two years at the University of Harvard. Being a college dropout has worked as he became a millionaire six years after dropping out at the age of 26. Gates taught himself most of what was needed in terms of programming and designing. His company has risen greatly under his leadership, which was done all without education from college.

Education without college

The last and certainly not least, of the owners of the big three technology companies is Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg, like Gates, attended the University of Harvard for two years before dropping out completely to focus on the application of Facebook. Zuckerberg was known for his ability in programming, so much so that he was called a prodigy by his own and classmates. Facebook became so successful that it now owns applications such as WhatsApp and Instagram, all done without getting a college education.

Jimi Hendrix was an excellent guitarist and overall musician who proved to be successful. It is not known that he did not go to college or even complete high school. With little to nothing going on in his life, Hendrix taught himself to play the guitar. Hendrix went on to perform all over the world and had been loved, respected, as well as revered by many even until today. His skills as a guitarist and great vocals have made him an excellent musician, as well as an inspiration. Jimi also proved that you can be educated without teaching.

While these people have obtained success and education through self-study without a college education, it is not the same for everyone nor will it be. It can be very tough over time to educate yourself, especially if you are trying to get a job. Most places will not hire without some sort of qualification, which in most cases is from an institution like college or university. Teaching yourself or receiving an education without going to college is not only possible but may the very thing that leads to your success. It is always good to have an education through university to have something to fall back on, but it is not required for obtaining an education.

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