Our Ethos

Rewildin is not just another tourism booking website. We want to connect people through wild weekend getaways with a purpose:

  • for you (you get to learn new skills with all the health and well-being benefits of being in nature)
  • for the welfare of our planet
  • and that’s already a lot!


Plant a tree Program – Carbon Neutral

Book with Rewildin and choose to have a tree planted for you for the price of a coffee! It is exactly $3.02 ($2.75+GST). We do not make any profit on this operation, we just want to plant as many trees as possible!

Carbon Neutral specialise in biodiverse conservation plantings using trees and shrubs that are native to the region. The trees sequester carbon, help reduce soil salinity, help combat wind and water erosion, enhance biodiversity and restore habitat for native animals. Planting trees also provides local employment, supports local business, and may contribute to increased rainfall.

You can learn more about the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor where the trees are planted. In fact, you can even view where the trees are being planted right here.

Enjoy one of our experiences in nature and contribute to preserving the environment!

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Learn more about Carbon Neutral

Clean Up Australia – Business allies




Drink your coffee in the bush and save rhinos


For our successful crowdfunding campaign on Pozible in December 2016, we offered our supporters rewards (camping enamel cups, coffee packs and eco-friendly coffee filters) from Rhino Horn Coffee, a Melbourne-based project giving 100% of its profits to help rangers defend rhinos from extinction in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

We received awesome feedback on these enamel mugs, let us know if you want to get yours!


Embracing the sharing economy, ecotourism and agri-tourism

Sharing land is a good alternative for landowner and farmers to have new revenue streams so they can fund their property projects, rehabilitation or land care projects.

Did you know that a lot of Australia’s threatened native species are only found on private lands? Private ecosystem needs to be protected and biodiversity needs to be conserved and restored in private lands.

At Rewildin, we take ecology seriously. We want to promote eco-farms and eco-lodges respectful of the environment and adopting sustainable green practices, as well as alternative lifestyle that strive at implementing new solutions for a greener world (tiny house, low-tech, primitivism, etc).

We proud ourselves on giving easy access to unique eco-experiences to city dwellers, international tourists looking for a sustainable vacation and an authentic Australian bush experience. Who wouldn’t like an interaction with an Australian native animal during a weekend getaway, or be immersed in Australia’s splendid flora?


Sharing Earth skills

Everyone can learn new skills, at all ages. In Japanese martial arts this is called Shoshin!

Everyone can teach his/her passion.

(Re)discover lost skills, things we never learnt at school but yet so essential to the humans we are: building and creating with our hands, making and growing our own food, making clothes, recycling, renovating, composting, gardening, survival skills, the list goes on.