October 23, 2021


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How To Catch The Attention Of Your Class

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Learning new things can be interesting if you use the right approach but can be challenging too.
How To Catch The Attention Of Your Class

Learning new things can be interesting if you use the right approach but can be challenging too. Whereas learning is primarily used to coach young people to become responsible adults, the approach may cause them to lose interest. Learning institutions as well as teachers attach greater importance to ranking so much that most students end up frustrated. Take the case of a primary school kid whose parents expect more than he can achieve in class. If his performance does not seem to improve, he will begin to avoid his parents as well as the teachers.

With time, he may begin to develop moodiness while hating himself. When a young mind loses self-esteem, that is a dangerous trend. Accepting yourself is the first stage in achieving your goals. A teacher’s main task should be how to inculcate confidence in the learners. When a teacher invests his time in building esteem, he will begin to realize the essential changes that work positively to produce excellent performance.

Teachers often gauge their students by

Most institutions have adopted the wrong approach in assisting young minds to grasp educational materials. By building on performance and ranking students according to their achievements, those deemed failures may develop a negative attitude against education which may lead to even poorer performance. While praising those with high marks and grounding those who fail to meet the target, a rift may develop, pitting the students against their parents as well as their mates. This system of grading has not been the best one because it has caused psychological torture to students. Most of these cases end up with mental stress while others end up being drug addicts.

Teachers often gauge their students by how they answer questions in class. During question time, students are expected to respond by raising their hands. Those whose hands shoot up quicker are allowed to answer the questions and praised too for being sharp-minded. Even though the whole class may have raised their hands, by praising some, they become dejected. Such students will begin to lose interest in class-work and concentrate on nursing their negative feelings. That is quite unhealthy because a school should be a place in which kids learn to appreciate others irrespective of who they are.

As a teacher, it is good

A good teacher should concentrate on controlling apprehension in young students. When not controlled, apprehension may lead to anxiety which in turn can trigger negative emotions. A better method is to develop a lesson plan that is inclusive where every learner’s contribution is appraised no matter the level of knowledge. Teachers who shower their students with endless compliments usually attain high mean grades in the final exams. They achieve this through collective responsibility and by involving all learners. Inclusion fuels self-esteem in almost every kid which is why it is the best tool to use in nurturing students.

As a teacher, it is good to study your students to learn their strong and weak points during the learning process. You should build a strong bond with them without any prejudice as this will help entrench trust. Learners who trust their teachers grab the opportunity to learn and can easily approach their teachers for help. Showing genuine concern for every student is the best way of building the esteem needed to spur up their interest in school work. Try to smile at your students when in front of them and call them by name if you can. They will genuinely respond and will become actively involved in the learning process.

How To Catch The Attention Of Your Class

Another way of knowing them is by collecting information from their former teachers. This will help you learn a few things about them that can give you some insight on how to handle them without altering their interest negatively. You should beef up enough rapport as this is essential in preparing for their educational success. It is also good to start your lesson by doing a recap of the previous one.

Don’t assume that they all absorbed the materials of the previous lesson and just plough into the new one. It is absurd to come across blank faces that stare at you as if you misspelt their names. Train their thoughts on the subject, all the time involving them in a participatory discussion. With much effort and a positive mind, you may see endless improvement in their performance.

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