How to Start a Permaculture Homestead (with Videos!)

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.

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If you are like me, you would have found yourself on this side of the internet quite quickly (and YouTube) and it has probably quickly turned into an obsession. I’m in love with the transformations that permaculture can have on the environment and sustainability.

It is a sustainable way of living that combines traditional knowledge, modern science, and technology. This article will guide you through the process of starting a permaculture homestead in the UK, drawing examples from various YouTube videos.

Understanding Permaculture

Permaculture is not just about growing food; it’s about creating sustainable human habitats by following nature’s patterns. It involves the cultivation of an ecosystem that is designed to be sustainable and self-sufficient.

Planning Your Homestead

The first step in starting a permaculture homestead is planning. This involves choosing the right location, understanding the local climate, and assessing the soil quality. The video by James Light provides a good starting point for understanding the basics of planning a permaculture homestead.

Building Your Homestead

Building your homestead involves creating structures that are sustainable and in harmony with the natural environment. An example of this is the creation of a “hobbit house” as shown in the video by Kris Harbour Natural Building. This house is built into the hillside, providing natural insulation and a stable temperature all year round. The house is designed to be economical, using traditional building patterns and materials that are easy to source.

Implementing Agroforestry

Agroforestry, the integration of trees and shrubs into crop and animal farming systems, is a key component of permaculture. It provides a variety of benefits, including soil conservation, biodiversity enhancement, and increased farm productivity. The video by James Light provides an example of how to implement agroforestry in a permaculture homestead.

Animal Integration

Animals play a crucial role in a permaculture system. They can help control pests, improve soil fertility, and provide food. For example, chickens can be used to fertilize the soil and control insects, as shown in the video by Kris Harbour Natural Building.

Growing Food

A permaculture homestead is not complete without a garden. The video by James Light provides an example of how to grow food in a permaculture system. This includes creating a polytunnel or hoop house for growing tomatoes and cucumbers, and using chickens to fertilize the soil and control pests.

Community Engagement

Permaculture is not just about creating a sustainable homestead; it’s also about building a sustainable community. Engaging with your local community, sharing knowledge and resources, and working together to create a sustainable future is a key aspect of permaculture.

In conclusion, starting a permaculture homestead in the UK involves careful planning, building sustainable structures, implementing agroforestry, integrating animals, growing food, and engaging with the community. By following these steps, you can create a homestead that is not only sustainable but also a productive and rewarding place to live.

Please note that this is a summary of the information gathered from various YouTube videos. For a more in-depth understanding, it is recommended to watch the videos in their entirety.

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