The time for the festival is coming close. Tasmania will host activists, academics, engineers, artists and physical trainers from around the country on a secret ocean front property, gathering to inspire, empower and upskill 500 attendees.

Newkind 2.0 Launches Social Activism Programme

Newkind 2.0 is a 5-day master class for Agents of Social Change. We are assembling thought leaders, innovators, inventors, educators, health experts, physical trainers and artists to empower, inspire and assist us in becoming more effective in our mission to create a peaceful, equitable and just world.

Rather than advocate for change Newkind Festival seeks to ‘activate for change’. Championing a
philosophy that includes Individual Initiative, Courageous Investigation and Affirmative Consent.
Newkind is a social change movement masquerading as a festival; a capacity building conference of
ideas designed to upskill agents of social change in an off-grid, zero-packaging, and solar-powered
festival environment.

The line-up of over 50 presenters includes Tenille Bentley (WA), James Aspey (QLD), Asal
Alamdari (VIC), Kelly Snook (US) and Simon Jongenotter (Bali).

Covering themes as diverse as emotional intelligence, sustainable architecture, economics, early childhood education, health and wellbeing as well as theatre for social change, the Newkind Festival programme is a serious attempt at investigating structural social change.

Sparkling Citizen Social Change

In its second iteration, event director Erfan Daliri, seeks to unlock the potential of participants to fulfil
their own individual purpose. “We each have a unique avenue of service coded into our existence,” he
says “and with the right support structures and a little inspiration, we are all born agents of social

Newkind goes beyond the leave no trace trend and runs a zero-packaging with a no drugs or alcohol
policy with a cruelty-free philosophy. Hosting over 100 sessions across 5 days and providing plant-based
meals and hospitality to a 500-person audience. This could almost be described as boot camp for social

Mr Daliri says, “We cannot speak about social change, social justice, or sustainability in full integrity if the
spaces in which we are presenting are not employing the same measures and technologies we are
campaigning for.”

In a bid to increase awareness, accessibility and affordability, organisers have partnered
with Metavents and Ignition Immersive to offer the event as a VR experience to participants all over the


Join us at the Festival!

Rewildin founders Caroline and Dimitri will be at the festival to deliver their very own contribution entitled: “Your True Self, Rebellion and Skittles, a Pathway to Change-Making”. Come and meet us at the Festival, we would love to meet you! Oh, and score 20% off your ticket by using the coupon code: “Rewildin”!
21-25 March 2018 Tasmania, Australia

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