You’ve been day dreaming about these crazy Instagram camping pics. But if you try to book a campsite now for Christmas, most popular campgrounds will be booked out already. In fact, to get your chance to score your little paradise in the bush, you need to book up to 9 months earlier!

Fortunately, Rewildin offers an awesome selection of private camping, glamping and bush retreats where you can spend your Christmas with your crew or with your loved ones. Here are 10 kickass reasons why you’ll have a great time in the outdoors on a private land for Christmas:


1. Own Your Space


Man reading with a pipe by the lake


Remember that time when you wanted to sleep early so you could hike in the morning to catch the sunrise, and the tent next to you blasted out Skrillex until 2am? Remember that other time when you were just having a good time at the campground and all the neighbouring families were giving you bad looks? Whether you want to party hard, or are looking for some peace and quiet with your family, you can own your moment in nature by camping on private land with no other campers nearby.


2. Last Minute Escapes



The call of the wild is irresistible, and often strikes at the last minute when you hadn’t planned it and when you need it the most: e.g. after a nasty breakup and there’s no ice-cream left in the freezer, or to run away from your step-mother on that one week-end. Unfortunately, most campgrounds are booked out months in advance, and you’ll find your existential impulse towards nature sabotaged by those early planners who have booked out the campsites and left you with your misery.

With Rewildin you can book a campsite and go bush with no warning. Our wide range of campgrounds and handy search filters ensures you’ll never have trouble finding that perfect last minute getaway.


3. Escape The Mundane


If you’ve been living where you’ve been living for a while and everywhere is looking a bit too familiar, you might feel short of inspiration for your next trip. Rewildin can help you discover hidden gems for you to explore and reconnect with Nature.


Beautiful place where you can camp or glamp, less than 3 hours from Sydney surrounded by Myall Lakes National Park and only 10 minutes from the beach, Seal Rocks! 


4. New Experiences and Hang out with the Locals


The host will show you where you can camp and what areas are the most desirable for wildlife, quiet times or just the best campsite. Beyond that, you could book a farm tour with your host, a Nature walk, a story-telling time for your kids or even a water ski lesson.

The hosts are committed to the environment and will do their best to make sure you have an unforgettable stay.


5. Enhance your Camping Experience


Fancy an outdoor spa with an amazing view? Check out this fabulous campsite in Tasmania. We stayed there a few months ago – we loved it!

Nothing ruins a camping trip like forgetting your canned beans or flour for the classic Aussie damper. Having a host nearby means you can always get the essentials you forgot, and better still, treat yourself to “room” service! Enjoy a Gourmet platter, indulge in a Fresh organic BBQ or a Brekky Basket to start a great day. After an intense hike (or nap) in the sun, finish the day around the campfire with pre-cut firewood! All you need to do is remember the ghost stories and toast the marshmallows…


6. Be Surrounded by Natural Wonders


Because you’re booked yourself a comfy tipi or camping by the lake doesn’t mean that you can’t go on an adventure in the wilderness. With properties are surrounded by stunning State Forests and National Parks, your camping spot might just become your new base camp from which to explore the wild surroundings.

Discover more campsites near National Parks and State Forests…


7. Safety for Your Kids (and Adults!)



No need for a satellite GPS or a huge first aid-kit here (although you should always have a little one!). Children friendly places have signage and amenities to keep your little Indiana Jones out of danger on their adventures! Use our “kid-friendly” filter to find family friendly sites, or our “host on site” filter if you want a host to welcome you. Alternatively select “host off site” if you want to truly be alone with nature.


8. Can’t Live Without Your Dog?



Dogs are not allowed in National Parks, but we’ve got dog lovers covered with our list of pet-friendly sites. No need to bother your parents and friends or find a pet-sitter, your pup can share your wilderness adventure with you!


9. #Campinggoals 


Owning your space in nature comes with a lot of awesome possibilities: one of them is to be able to organise events on the land you prefer and have a rad time! Find the perfect spot for your special events.

One of the inspirations for Rewildin was celebrating Caroline’s 30th birthday on a permaculture farm with our closest friends. We had an amazing time learning about permaculture principles and practices from our host. When we weren’t getting our hands dirty in the food forest, we were able to take in the wide open spaces or just relax by the swimming pool. The campsite was great value, while those after a little luxury were able to choose a glamping option. It was simple and awesome, the very essence of what nature is about and how it should be experienced.


10. Still No Gift Idea for Christmas?


Give a Rewildin voucher for a nature getaway, it’s simply the best prezzie ever. A great moment to share in the new year. Have amazing experiences and create memories rather than buying stuff. So if you’re looking for the perfect last minute gift, we’ve got you covered, contact us for a Christmas Rewildin Gift voucher.


Have a fabulous festive holiday season wild folks! And don’t forget, Nature awaits. Unlock Unique Nature Getaways with Rewildin.

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