October 23, 2021


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The Influence of a Parent’s Education to their Children

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Your parents’ level of education

Your parents’ level of education will affect yours since parents who have achieved a higher education tend to place a high value on educational attainment. Students whose parents studied will want to work hard in their studies as their parents consistently motivate them. Your parents will only push you to value your education when they achieved success through it. When your parents did not attain high-level education, you will see education as a waste of time. A student will take education as a waste of resources that you would use to so other tasks. You are not likely to continue with your studies as your parents are not passionate and supportive on education matters making you feel like pursuing education is not an important part of their life. Such parents will encourage you to take a job rather than pursuing education.

Educated parents can help their children

Educated parents can help their children in assignments and give them tactics that can be helpful for them to pass their exams. The level of education influences your parents’ knowledge and when your parents are well-informed, they can help you study improving your performance. Higher levels of education enhance the capability of a parent to get involved in their children’s education. They will guide you on what they did for them to reach such heights of education. You are more likely to perform well with literate parents as they can become your teachers at home. Performing well gives a student the opportunity to pursue higher education.

Since education has a significant positive

Since education has a significant positive effect on the parent’s income, students with literate parents gain access to better resources. When your parents have a stable income, you can get your education at a good school. Uneducated parents tend to struggle with meeting the family’s needs including a better education. This mean that a child will attend a school that offers poor quality education. Attending a good school give a person an enjoyable schooling experience which will encourage them to pursue more education. Literate parents will be willing to support your teachers in various programs that will be helpful to their children. A Student whose parents struggle financially will have a pessimistic attitude towards education and jobs.

The Influence of a Parent's Education to their Children

Students with literate parents usually have their educated parents to emulate an opportunity that those will illiterate parents lack. A child will want to attain a level of education that is higher than their parents attained. The student will be motivated to surpass their parent’s academic achievements. Those whose parents are illiterate will always think of themselves as presumably better educated. A student from an illiterate home can easily deceive their illiterate parents about their academic performance because the parents could not read and write. This will encourage them to fail their exams because their parents cannot analyze the academic results and know whether their children are performing well or not.

Uneducated parents tend to stick to customs and traditional practices that will affect their child psychologically. Learned parents know the practices that are accepted in the modern setting. When your parents are uneducated, their children are forced to follow outdated traditions that will affect their children mentally. Their children cannot settle in class which affects their performance. Learned parents protect their children from harmful traditions giving them a peace of mind. You will not worry about your parents withdrawing you from school to go through outdated traditions such as early marriages. When your mind is settled, you will surely perform well and pursue higher education.

A child whose parents are not well-informed, do not know how to relate with their children. Those with uneducated parents are not free to discuss with their parents the issues that affect them. They tend to be harsh to their children with the mentality of raising them the same way they were raised. Learned parents can discuss with their children the challenges that are affecting them hence affecting their performance. Literate parents communicate with teachers of their parents and discuss ways to better their children’s studies. Children from illiterate homes mostly fear their parents who are less concerned about their education which makes it hard for them to share the problems that are affecting them academically.

A child performs well when their parents have a high expectation on their academic achievement. Educated parents expect you to give them better results unlike uneducated parents who will not know what grade is best for you. You will have the pressure to pass your exams so that you do not disappoint your parents.

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